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Leadway International, Inc. is located in Hayward, California. We are a wholesale supplier of Bossen brand bubble tea, snow ice and dessert topping products for the foodservice industry. The bubble tea industry is growing rapidly, and we are one of the top wholesalers and importers in the boba industry. We serve thousands of businesses, distributors and consumers all over the USA. Whether you sell bubble tea, drink bubble tea or just have a fascination with the products, Leadway International, Inc. carries everything you need from ingredients, machinery to store supplies, and even do custom printing.

Our Mission
We believe that food can delight people and help them connect with their friends and family members. Our mission adheres to three key principles:

Convenience / Selection / Heart

Conveniece from a robust ecommerce website BossenStore, just order and it’s delivered to your door! Selection based on research and design for the basics, classics and trending products in the bubble tea/foodservice industry. Quality is our top priority in our Bossen branded products. Made with Heart: We care and we listen, and we continue to improve for our customers.

Browse www.bossenstore.com and order your favorite bubble tea item today! Call (510) 324-0168 for a FREE initial business consultation, or ask us a question.