Newsletter: August 2017 – Pure25® Veggie Monster Bobas & More

Bursting Boba®

Whoever said that Bursting Boba® Pure25 should only be limited to fruits? Why can’t veggies join in on the fun? That’s why we created Pure25 “Veggie Monster”, the first-ever vegetable juice infused boba on the market. This deluxe topping collection is a bold and health-conscious fusion of premium fruits and veggies that has never tasted so juicy. Liven up your drink and dessert experience with our new and enhanced hybrid bobas, Cucumber x Pineapple and Carrot x Lemon. At the same time, we also introduce other four fruity flavors: pomegranate, peach, green apple and cherry.

While boba is gonna up your game against competition, let’s not forget Almond Pudding Powder Mix and Golden Citron Syrup. Almond pudding is a traditional Chinese dessert that has a hint of sweet nuttiness in a smooth and silky texture. Golden Citron Syrup, on the other hand, serves well in both hot and cold drinks.

Leadway Monthly Goodies August 2017