Newsletter: November 2016

A New Beginning: Newsletter Goodies

Starting November, we will provide monthly newsletter that covers the latest products and services in bubble tea, snow ice and relevant industries. We see it more than just a product catalog. It is a place where we can pour in good ideas, how-to’s, and food/beverage trends especially from Asia. Most importantly, we see it as a media to provide useful information and support to our valuable customers.

In our first try, we are happy to introduce a kit for Hong Kong style milk tea, Thai green milk tea, and durable disposables including 36 oz bowls and 22 oz cups. All of these products can potentially stand out on your menu and attract more eyeballs to your store.

Let’s create together a world of fun Asian eats! Contact us for details, or shop our “new product” section on

New Products Including Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, Tall PP To-Go Cup, 36 Oz PP Bowl. Great for Bubble Tea and Shaved Ice Business
Leadway November 2016 Newsletter

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